Len Barry's greatest successes happened a little before my time. But when Alan White asked me to produce re-makes of all of Lenny's hits 14 years ago, or so, I had flash-backs to memories of my big-old mountain of an uncle requesting Hully Gully and the Bristol Stomp when he came to see the first band I ever played with. My band-mates and I just kind of laughed it off because we didn't know what the hell he was talking about!
I wish uncle Whitey had still been alive when decades later I not only got around to learning the songs, but recording them with the guy that made them such classic hits in the first place.
This little web site is a project that DJ Alan "Spin Daddy" White and I will be working on to tell you the pretty amazing story of the life and career of Len Barry. Alan, (a member of the Swing DeeJay's Hall of Fame), has been Len's friend, confident and sometimes manager for most of 4 decades. Alan, (who recently authored Len's biography page for this web site), gives us this EXCITING news about Len Barry:

"In the recent past Len has turned his attention to prose: novels, teleplays, screenplays and even comic book projects.

James Brown said it first. 'Say it loud Ė Iím Black and Iím proud.'

Len Barry is still saying it, with this book:

Black Like Me ...the novel - NOW available worldwide from Bank House Books.

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Len has composed and recorded a complete soundtrack for "Black Like Me". Click this line to play or download the entire soundtrack!

To read Alan White's complete bio click HERE, (or the menu link above).